100W solar intelligent security alarm light

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Product SKU: BPSSL-03

Solar lawn light, solar outdoor lighting, solar induction light, solar safety light

Specifications and Instructions:

1. Ultra-low power consumption design, the key devices are imported high-quality tabbed components and patented products.

2. Induction Angle :120 °, induction distance > 3.5m.

3. It will be closed during the day and automatically open at night

4, solar power, no utility. Dc low voltage operation, safe and reliable.

How does a solar lamp work

The solar landscape lamp is a miniature version of the power supply used to build photovoltaic power systems, but it lacks an inverter because it does not need to convert ac output from tiny panels. Instead, the solar panels, usually mounted at the top of the fixture, are connected directly to a rechargeable battery, and to a led light battery. When the LED light doesn't work, it's a rare fault of the LED itself - the LED can last for 50,000 hours.


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