100W solar projector light kit

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Product SKU: BPSSL-05

Solar infrared sensing yard lights, safety lights, garage lights

1) 5 high brightness (12000MCD) leds

2) Induction region: 110° fan region, 6M away

3) 1W all-weather efficient solar panel

4) Remote control switch with a distance of 20 meters

5) Switching function: Optional working time of 30, 60 and 90 seconds

6) CE and RoHS certification

In the sensor area, the sensor lamp works when human or animal activity is detected

How to restore solar-powered LED lights in courtyards

First, you need to take apart your light fixture. Usually most lights hold the surrounding edge screws together. Just look below and remove the screws you see. Some lamps also have glass or plastic caps that try to twist them open.

When you open it, take off any large detachable parts


Friday, 07 December 2018
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