As a China based special solar power company,our product line include Solar thermal system,Solar PV power,Solar LED light and Solar electronics. The company include R&D,manufacture and market of solar power business. Sunny Billion Power Limited is keeping focus on the development and promotion of new fashion solar energy products. We are concerned about the quality of solar power products,We think that we can convince people to invest in a sunny sustainable future. Our product has ISO,CE and IEC certification. We keep good cooperation with customers in Asia,South Africa,Australia and North America.
Product of the company

solar thermal system---solar vacuum tube water heater, solar heat pump system
solar PV power---Solar PV panel, Solar power control system
solar LED light---solar garden light, solar sensor light, solar flashlight
solar electronics--- solar mobile power, solar power kit for laptop
"Sun's billion power we share!"Let's use our natural energy to co-founded a Green world.

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