Flat panel solar water heater

Operating pressure: The maximum pressure is 1.2mpa and 0.6mpa in normal operation.

High efficiency: absorption rate of black chromium or magnetite sputtering film is 92-96%, reflection rate is 5-10%.

Perfect insulation: 50mm thick polyurethane insulation, 24 hours cooling less than 5℃.

Long life: glass lining coating special steel, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance.

Easy to install: various types of support for different construction, easy to install, beautiful and generous. The split solar water heater system is divided into two circulating pressure hot water systems. The solar collector can be installed in the house, walls, balconies and other places, and the installation location is basically unlimited.

Operating pressure: rated working pressure 0.4mpa, water outlet, easy to use.

Long life: the liner is made of 2mm thick steel plate combined with 4mm thick crosslinked polyethylene. High temperature resistance, good corrosion resistance.


Types of solar water heaters

2) Active


Suitable for mild weather

Flat-plate collector

Pumps, valves and controllers help prevent freezing

Cans do not need to be installed at or near the collector

Electricity; During the blackout, it will not work normally

Price range: $2,200.00 - $5,200.00

Suitable for wet and cold climates

Vacuum tube collector

Large homes and businesses

Other applications: Floor radiant heating, space heating

Price range: $6,000.00 - $17,000.00