Dimmable 3W led candle light

Product trademark SUNNYBP

Product type high power and ultra bright LED chip

The luminous Angle is 180 degrees

Power efficiency 90%

The light source USES 3W high-power chips of Kray, Purui and Jingyuan Optoelectronics

Aluminum alloy + plastic cover

Operating temperature -22 F to 122°F or -30 C to 50 C

The temperature of the machine is less than 60 degrees Celsius

LED lamp life >30,000 hours


Product features low calorific value, no ULTRAVIOLET or infrared radiation

Lamp holder types GU10,E27,B22

Color temperature 2700 k to 6500 k

3 w / 5 w / 9 w / 12 w

Input voltage AC 85V to 265V AC (i.e. 110V or 220V or 230V working)

Various color temperature LED candle lamps.

Mild incandescent bulbs have nothing to do with color, but are important to leds because they have quite a wide range of angles. We're talking about the "color" of white light as an effect on how warm or cool it is. There is a rule that for most domestic applications, your goal should be what is called "warm white", which is about 2700-3200 Kelvin. If you deviate from these ranges, the light will be rather dull, or have a distinctly cool hue. The leds associated with the first generation are usually bluish.