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Solar system sine wave inverter

* Microcomputer control system, intelligent IGBT control

* Pure sinusoidal output, excellent transient response, small harmonic distortion, high conversion efficiency

Stable output voltage, complete EMI index

Complete protection function: input overcharge protection, output overdischarge protection, short circuit protection, circuit polarity reverse connection protection.

Ac output overvoltage protection, overheat protection

* DC distribution cabinet and inverter integrated design, with independent control of multiple DC input

* Built-in DC anti-counter function

* Adjustable power factor or adjustable active or reactive power

* Meet the automatic switch of power supply from outside, convenient for customers to choose

* Intelligent panel operation control function

* Advanced MPPT control algorithm to track the maximum output power of photovoltaic array in real time,

* Pure sinusoidal wave output, advanced phase locking technology, low harmonic current content, no pollution to the power grid, no impact

* Active + passive dual detection technology, realize anti-island operation control

* Adapted to high altitude and cold regions

* Can be equipped with RS232/RS485, Ethernet TCP/IP,3G communication interface, remote data acquisition and monitoring.

What are the real world benefits of MPPT?

It depends on your array, your climate, and your seasonal load patterns. Vpp gives you an effective current boost only if it is about 1V higher than the battery voltage. But on hot days, this may not be the case, unless the battery is low. In cold weather, however, Vpp can rise to 18V. If your energy expenditure is highest in the winter (in most homes) and you are in the cold winter weather, then you can get a lot of energy when you need it!

Flat panel solar water heater

Operating pressure: The maximum pressure is 1.2mpa and 0.6mpa in normal operation.

High efficiency: absorption rate of black chromium or magnetite sputtering film is 92-96%, reflection rate is 5-10%.

Perfect insulation: 50mm thick polyurethane insulation, 24 hours cooling less than 5℃.

Long life: glass lining coating special steel, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance.

Easy to install: various types of support for different construction, easy to install, beautiful and generous. The split solar water heater system is divided into two circulating pressure hot water systems. The solar collector can be installed in the house, walls, balconies and other places, and the installation location is basically unlimited.

Operating pressure: rated working pressure 0.4mpa, water outlet, easy to use.

Long life: the liner is made of 2mm thick steel plate combined with 4mm thick crosslinked polyethylene. High temperature resistance, good corrosion resistance.


Types of solar water heaters

2) Active


Suitable for mild weather

Flat-plate collector

Pumps, valves and controllers help prevent freezing

Cans do not need to be installed at or near the collector

Electricity; During the blackout, it will not work normally

Price range: $2,200.00 - $5,200.00

Suitable for wet and cold climates

Vacuum tube collector

Large homes and businesses

Other applications: Floor radiant heating, space heating

Price range: $6,000.00 - $17,000.00

Atomizing lamp shade T8 LED tube

LED tube parameters

1) Length 0.6m - 1.5m, and power of 10Watt,15watt, 20Watt and 35 Watt meet the needs of different customers

2) Highlight the 3014 LED chip

3) Isolate the constant-current drive power

4) color rendering index >80

5) power factor >0.9

6) color temperature: 2700 k to 7000 k

No UV, no INFRARED, no strobe.3 years warranty

What color temperature can use LED bulbs?

The color temperature is the absolute temperature scale measured on the bulb. LED bulbs come in a variety of colors, but the most common are in a range from 2700K to 7500K. Unfortunately, the only consistent standard is the Kelvin scale, many manufacturers like to use things like solar white, natural white, warm white, cold white, but none of them defines a Kelvin temperature associated with these terms. The general rule is warm light (2700K) and cold light (6500K+). The warmer the light, the more yellow is dominant, and the cooler the light, the more blue.

12V lithium polymer solar rechargeable battery

The deep-cycle battery is designed to discharge up to 80 percent repeatedly and has a thicker plate. The main difference between a deep-cycle battery and other batteries is that the plate is a solid lead plate rather than a sponge. This results in less surface area, so less instantaneous power is needed to start the battery. Although it is possible to cycle to 20% of the charge, the best balance between cost and life is the average cycle of 80% of the discharge.

Lithium batteries are disposable (primary) batteries, with lithium metals or compounds acting as anodes.

They differ from other batteries in their high charge density (long life) and high cost per unit.

Lithium polymer batteries: Substance or hype?

The word "lithium polymer" has become synonymous with advanced battery technology. But what is the relationship between "polymers" and classic lithium-ion batteries? In this paper, we examine the fundamental differences between lithium ion and lithium ion polymer batteries. We looked at packaging technology and evaluated the cost of these batteries for energy conversion.

The lithium polymer differs from other battery systems of the type used for electrolytes. The original design dates back to the 1970s and USES polymer electrolytes. This electrolyte does not conduct electricity, but allows ions (charged atoms or groups of atoms) to exchange plastic membranes. The traditional porous separator is replaced by a polymer electrolyte impregnated with electrolytes.

Dimmable 3W led candle light

Product trademark SUNNYBP

Product type high power and ultra bright LED chip

The luminous Angle is 180 degrees

Power efficiency 90%

The light source USES 3W high-power chips of Kray, Purui and Jingyuan Optoelectronics

Aluminum alloy + plastic cover

Operating temperature -22 F to 122°F or -30 C to 50 C

The temperature of the machine is less than 60 degrees Celsius

LED lamp life >30,000 hours


Product features low calorific value, no ULTRAVIOLET or infrared radiation

Lamp holder types GU10,E27,B22

Color temperature 2700 k to 6500 k

3 w / 5 w / 9 w / 12 w

Input voltage AC 85V to 265V AC (i.e. 110V or 220V or 230V working)

Various color temperature LED candle lamps.

Mild incandescent bulbs have nothing to do with color, but are important to leds because they have quite a wide range of angles. We're talking about the "color" of white light as an effect on how warm or cool it is. There is a rule that for most domestic applications, your goal should be what is called "warm white", which is about 2700-3200 Kelvin. If you deviate from these ranges, the light will be rather dull, or have a distinctly cool hue. The leds associated with the first generation are usually bluish.


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